Flix T11 TWS

TWS 110 XTW-T301


Meet the all-new FLiX Nitrobuds T20 TWS, tailored to deliver truly wireless sound for the hustlers, the doers and the go getters. Tired of the cord getting stuck and breaking? Don’t need a neckband around your neck? These sweatproof earpods fit right in your ear canal, without digging it, and deliver exceptional sound quality.

Premium Metallic finish

Finish so premium and fantastic, you will carry it everywhere.

Immersive sound quality with rich bass

Bass so strong that the device can reach you from long distances.

As light as Feather

The device is perfectly fit for every size and space making it light to carry around.

Perfectly seamless comfort

Aesthetically pleasing design that makes using earbuds pleasant and simple

Quick power with Type-C

Fast charging Type C port allows you to quickly charge your earbuds.

All weather protection

Technology that is so innovative that it protects itself in all weather conditions.

Effortless voice control

Hands-free technology immediately controls the device, making it simple to operate.